The Greatest Tennis Match of the 20th Century Changed America, and the life of a young boy, forever.

Millions of people watched “The Battle of the Sexes” in 1973, but no one knew more about the historic tennis match than a boy. While the world’s eyes were focused on Bobby Riggs, the self-proclaimed “king of male chauvinist pigs,” and Billie Jean King, the defender of feminism, Richard Muscio saw the match through the headlines of the day – headlines he had carefully clipped and saved as Bobby Riggs’ scrapbook maker. Only years later would Muscio realize that Bobby Riggs, the man who said that women should belong in the kitchen, actually made America a more tolerant society.


Richard is the founder of the Move Your Feet Before You Eat Foundation, the Oceanside Turkey Trot and the Vista Strawberry Fest 5k. His foundation focuses on improving public school student physical fitness, replacing junk food snack options with healthy food options, and reducing teen pregnancy in the Oceanside and Vista public school systems. More information is available at

For work, Richard Muscio is a CPA whose technical specialty is estate/gift/trust matters. His CPA firm Friedman Brannen is San Diego County’s only CPA firm that specializes in estate, gift and trust matters. For fun Richard plays baseball (no, not softball) and tennis, and he is also a long-distance endurance runner.

Interview with Richard Muscio about the Mother’s Day Massacre, a tennis match between Margaret Court and Bobby Riggs. This interview was done in support of the New Black Films production of “The Battle of the Sexes”, which was made to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs.